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January: The company has been established for 20 years and listed for 10 years, and has become a leading enterprise with significant influence in the controller industry.

April: All people are united to fight against the epidemic, and H&T uses new technologies such as big data, Internet of Things and intelligent home appliances to help prevent and control the epidemic and actively prepare for the resumption of work and production.

May: Yangtze River Delta manufacturing base completed and officially put into operation.

August: Become the undertaking unit intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project of Guangdong Province "Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration based on AI Intelligent Controller".

September: Awarded 2020 Guangdong Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project.

December: Continuously increase the number of cutting-edge technology innovation, core technology patents exceeded 2000.


January: Strategic Cooperation with Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangdong Unicom.

February: H&T and China Mobile jointly released an industry white paper, and both sides launched a deep cooperation.

May: Investment in Vietnam production base, further expansion of global layout.

July: The company received the award of Shenzhen Top 70 Innovative Enterprises.

November: Become a headquarter enterprise in Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

December: H&T wins RMB 1.5 billion BSH project, continues to consolidate industry leading edge.


March: H&T and Shenzhen Water signed a cooperation agreement to make the intelligent water market bigger together.

May: H&T won the "2017 Shenzhen IOT Leading Enterprise" and "China Smart City Industry Application Gold Award".

September: The second phase of H&T's PRD base was topped out and is expected to be officially put into production in the fourth quarter.

November: Accelerate the global layout, and the acquisition of Italian NPE company.

December: Awarded the title of backbone enterprise of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province (intelligent manufacturing field).


March: Received AWE 2017 Innovation Intelligence Award.

April: H&T and other company such as Haier set up the intelligent water ecology industry alliance.

June: Foundation laid for Yangtze River Delta manufacturing base.

August: Shenzhen Guangming Production Base Phase II officially started construction.

November: The chief expert of H&T is a member of the National Home Automation Controller Standard Committee, promoting industry standardization.

December: H&T and ZTE IoT sign strategic agreement, both sides cooperate for IoT.


March 9th-12th:HeT attended the AWE(Appliance&electronics World Expo) .

March 16th-18th:HeT attended the 2016 China International Home Textiles and Accessories (Spring) Fair.

April 30th:Chairman& President Jeffrey Liu delivered an important speech on the GMIC(Global Mobile Internet Conference).

June 28th:HeT won the Chamberlain Innovation Award.


August: Attended Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles expo.

September: Attended Internet+ Expo in Foshan, Guangdong.

November: Received Whirlpool Innovation Award.

December: Attended International Hotel Appliances Conference, Guangzhou.


June: Founded HET Data Resources & Cloud Technology Ltd.

September: Received Supplier Excellency Award by Electrolux.

September: HET Smart Appliances 1st Generation recognized at the Xi Lin Men Conference.

October: Initiated the Industrial Park Expansion Project conference.

December: HET research project won the highest award from Shenzhen Technology Advancement Award.

December: HET internet appliances in use; C-life online.


January: Received Shenzhen Patent Award.

February: Received Best Supplier Award of 2015 by Electrolux, Thailand.

June: HET Lab received Lab Accreditation Certificate by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.

August: HET received recognition as Shenzhen Key Software Company 2012.

December: HET partnered with B/S/H to be their overseas manufacturer.

December: Founded a subsidiary company in Milan, Italy.

December: Recognized as a A-list vendor by Electrolux.


February: Recognized as an Excellent Supplier, Hunter 2011.

February: Received Shenzhen Patent Award.

March: HET passed the National High Tech Company test.

June: Certified as an Eco-Friendly Company, Guangdong.

August: Received the Shenzhen Top 100 Software Service Company 2011.

August: Opened an office in Brazil.

November: Recognized as a Shenzhen Key Software Company 2011.

December: Certified as an Eco-Friendly Company, Shenzhen.


January: Certified as one of the first Hunter certified vendors.

April: Completed the HET Industrial Park Project on time.

May: Marked the beginning of the new HET subsidiary company in Hong Kong.

July: Party Branch recognized as an Advanced Primary Party Organization.

September: Recognized as a Reference Company for Intellectual Properties, Guangdong.

October: Received Top 100 Growing Companies for Software and Integrated Circuit Design Award, Guangdong.

October: Recognized as a Key Software Company 2010, Shenzhen.

October: Received Growing Company in Strategic Emerging Industries Award, Guangdong.

October: Certified as Innovative Pilot Company, Guangdong.


January: Received Integrity Small/Medium Size Company Award.

January: Recognized as an Excellent Supplier for Hunter 2009.

February: Received Top 100 Best Software Company 2009 Award, Shenzhen.

May: Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market.

June: Received Model Enterprise Taxpayer recognition.

July: Received Best Employee Care, Shenzhen recognition.

August: Recognized as a Key Software Company, Shenzhen 2009.

August: Broke ground for HET Guangming Industrial Park.


February: Awarded Forbes China’s Highest Potential, 2009 recognition.

March: Received National High Tech Company title.

May: Received Best Innovative Small/Medium Companies 2009, Shenzhen Award.

July: Listed as a Nanshan Training Base for Best Talents in Innovation, Shenzhen.

September: Received Best Labor Relations Award, Shenzhen.

November: Recognized as a Reference Company for Intellectual Properties Work 2009, Nanshan Shenzhen.

November: Recognized by the Department of Commerce as a Key Export Company for Motor & High Tech Products.

December: List on the Cleanest Company in Guangdong List.


January: Received Midea Improvement Award 2007.

April: Recognized as a Intellectual Property First Company 2008, Shenzhen.

May: Received Eco-friendly Manufacturer Award, Shenzhen.

May: Recognized as a Key Software Company 2007, Shenzhen.

June: Received Technology Innovation Award 2007, Shenzhen.

November: Recognized as a Intellectual Property First Company 2008, Guangdong.

December: Received Eco-friendly Manufacturer Award, Shenzhen.

December: Listed as one of twelve Best Software Export Company, Shenzhen.

December: Recognized as a Nanshan Green Pathway Company, Shenzhen.


April: Recognized as a Key Software Company 2006, Shenzhen.

June: Listed as Top 20 Best Software Export Company 2006, Shenzhen.

June: Listed as Top 100 Software Company 2006, Shenzhen.

August: Received Tech Innovation Award – Most Potential Company 2006, Shenzhen.

August: Received Key Nanshan Private Industries Award, Shenzhen.

September: Received Electra Top 10 Supplier Award.

September: Received Hunter Best Supplier Award.

December: Received Key Nanshan Private Industries Award, Shenzhen.

December: Name changed to Shenzhen HET Intelligent Control Ltd.


May: Recognized as a Key Software Company 2005, Shenzhen.

June: Received Top 20 Software Export Company Award 2005, Shenzhen.

June: Listed as Top 100 Software Company 2005, Shenzhen.

November: Received Tsinghua Top 10 Potential Company Award.

December: Received Integrity Small/Medium Company.

December: Received Integrity Small/Medium Company.

December: Recognized as Top 100 Innovative Small/Medium Company 2006, Shenzhen.


January: Recognized as a Key Software Company 2004, Shenzhen.

January: Received Electrolux Best Partner Award.

April: Listed as Top 10 Software Export Company 2004, Shenzhen.

April: Recognized as Top 100 Software Company 2004, Shenzhen.


March: Passed QS9000 Quality Management System Certification.

April: Received China’s Most Potential Small/Medium Company Award 2004.

May: Recognized as Top 10 Software Export Company 2003, Shenzhen.

May: Recognized as Top 100 Software Company 2003, Shenzhen.


January: Received Best Small/Medium Company Award.

January: Received Top 10 Most Potential High Tech Entrepreneur Company 2002, Shenzhen.

December: Passed ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification and OHSAS 18001 Professional Health and Safety Management System Certification.

December: Recognized as a Key Software Company 2003, Shenzhen.


September: Listed as a Shenzhen Software Company.

September: Listed as a Shenzhen High Tech Company.


January: Registered as Shenzhen HET Electronic Technology Ltd.

April: Passed ISO 9001:1994 Quality Management System Certification.


1999 October: Founded during the first China High Tech Fair.


Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. ( ICP 06028608 )

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